A fine artist since my teens, I earned a living for many years through the sale of my landscape paintings and pastels. These works are found in individual and corporate collections throughout the US and overseas, among them: I.B.M., General Electric, Xerox, Pepsico, Guinness, Phizer, and American Express.

More recently, I've been making buddhas in various media, as a way to explore concepts of Seeking and Transformation, Environmental Preservation vs. Degradation, Hope vs. Despair, and notions of Beauty.
Using non-traditional, natural, commonplace, and unlikely materials allows the viewer to experience fresh, unexpected connections related to the buddha form and what it can mean both personally and universally.

Below are images of my art in various mediums. Enjoy!

"reassuring, almost pastoral visions...a lot like the work of the Barbizon painters in France and the Americans, such as George Inness, who were influenced by them"
The New York Times

"Golio's work exemplifies the search for the mysterious connections between artist and nature"
Greenwich Time

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Buddha Totem Tower
clam shells, plaster, black walnut,
miniature pine cones, paint
18" x 5" x 2.5"

Burnt Bark Buddha
apple wood, nuts, foils, paint
41" x 25" x 1.5"

Elemental Buddha Trio
eggshell, ashes, tar, gravel, plaster
each figure: 6" x 5" x 4"

GGBirches22x30oils1 BlueBridge

"Blue Bridge" pastel on paper, 30x40

"Birches" oils on canvas, 22x30


"Autumn Rise" oils on canvas, 36x50

All images, copyright reserved, Gary Golio, 2024