Strange Old Sayings

I got it straight from the horse's mouth!
Cat got your tongue?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
He's no spring chicken!
She's the bee's knees
You let the cat out of the bag!
Don't change horses in mid-stream.
Are we on a wild goose chase?


Questions for the author

Q: So what's your favorite color?
A: All of them...but especially purple and gold!

Q: Who's your favorite superhero?
A: It used to be SpiderMan, but I'm probably more like Dr. Strange.

Q: Why do you write books for kids?
A: Because the people I write about inspire me, and maybe they'll inspire you, too.

Q: Is it true you're a Star Trek fan?
A: Yep, since I saw the first episode of the TV series on September 8, 1966!

Q: Who's your favorite Star Trek character?
A: Mr. Spock, without a doubt. Though I liked his Vulcan father, Sarek, a lot, too.

Q: What's your goal in life?
A: Wow, that's heavy. Probably to become who I am. ; ]

New Crayon Color Names

ust kidding!)